Chapter 13 Home Loans with Peoples Bank Mortgage

Who Are We?

Peoples Bank Mortgage is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Peoples Bank in Mendenhall, Mississippi. To know what differentiates us from other lenders, you must understand the nature of the bank that owns us. That nature begins and ends with what we refer to as the Three S’s — stability, service, and scope.

  • Stability: Since first opening its doors in 1908, Peoples Bank has survived world wars, stock market crashes, depressions, societal upheavals, presidential assassinations, and natural disasters. Through it all, Peoples Bank has relied on the strength, character, and values of its leaders and employees to provide a firm financial footing for its borrowers and depositors. Continuing in the footsteps of its parent company, Peoples Bank Mortgage relies on the principles of fairness, honesty, and compassion which have always guided us and our customers through prosperous and hard times. Like our founding company, we look forward to serving our clients in this fashion for the next hundred years.
  • Service: Peoples Bank Mortgage understands that reliable, customized service leads to satisfied clients and long-term, profitable relationships. To attain these lofty goals we are first and foremost consultants who use active listening skills and probing questions to spotlight our clientele’s deepest financial aspirations. Once our clients’ goals are fully determined and discussed we design a mortgage strategy which suits their long-term vision. However, this represents only the beginning of the process. On-going consultation and a yearly mortgage review makes sure that our borrower’s loans still suit their changing lives. Our loan process builds trust and instills confidence that the mortgage our clients hold is the best one for them.
  • Scope: Peoples Bank Mortgage offers an array of mortgage loan products which suit each individual borrower’s requirements. Whether you are a first-time home buyer, refinancing your existing mortgage, or financing an investment property we have a program for you. These include conventional loans, FHA loans, VA loans, and USDA loans. Some of these programs require little or no out-of-pocket funds from the borrower.

Mission Statement

Peoples Bank Mortgage’s mission is to provide an unsurpassed, consultative loan experience to borrowers who will remain clients-for-life. Peoples Bank Mortgage will accomplish this mission in two ways. First, by discovering, examining, and utilizing our clients’ deepest, long-term life goals, we will map a suitable financial strategy using mortgage instruments. Second, Peoples Bank Mortgage will remain in contact with our clients – insuring that as their life goals change their mortgage strategies change along with them. Underlying all our business motivations and actions is the simple creed: the client comes first.

Our Philosophy

Whether you are purchasing a home or refinancing for the purposes of lowering your mortgage payment, consolidating bills, or locking a fixed rate loan, Peoples Bank Mortgage is committed to making the lending experience consultative, educational, and efficient. We do this in three ways:

  • We consult with our clients. We understand that to render advice on real estate loans we must know what our clients’ long-term financial and personal goals are. We understand that a real estate loan is one very important aspect of a borrower’s life but to see the broader picture is to better serve our clients.
  • We educate our clients. The best borrower is one who is knowledgeable about the various loan choices and terms he has in front of him. Peoples Bank Mortgage strives to give their clientele a strong working knowledge of the loan process and the requirements that process asks of them.
  • We act efficiently. The loan process can be arduous and long. Peoples Bank Mortgage employs systems that speed the process and simplify it for the borrower. We aim to close each loan in as fast a manner that still insures quality service and due diligence.

The result of these three components is win-win business transactions. Peoples Bank Mortgage believes that any decent transaction is a win for all parties involved and if it isn’t then the transaction isn’t worth doing.

Our Pledge

We pledge to our customers that we will:

  • Deal honestly and take full responsibility for our actions.
  • Ask questions and listen to you in order to understand your financial/mortgage objectives.
  • Create mortgage solutions that will meet your financial strategy.
  • Respect your time by minimizing your effort by applying our knowledge and resources.
  • Employ technology to maximize efficiency during the loan process.
  • Communicate regularly with you regarding the status of your loan.
  • Measure our success by your willingness to refer clients to us.
  • Improve the quality of our service by encouraging you to critically evaluate our performance.

Let’s Talk

We look forward to working with you in securing a mortgage. Contact us or call us today at (843) 606-6058 or toll-free at (855) 406-0197 for a free consultation.